Arundel Bee project


Initiatives that have been discussed and in some cases are already underway include:

  • The formation of a Community Apiary where residents can learn more about bees. This will be located in Herington Field, at the far end of the Community Orchard. Fenced off to create a protected area, the apiary will contain a number of bee hives where residents will be able, with the guidance of experienced bee keepers, to learn about the practical aspects of keeping bees, and perhaps go on to be beekeepers themselves. It is planned that honey produced by these hives will be sold locally, raising funds for the continuity of the project.
  • The ‘greening’ of Arundel. A wide ranging initiative that will include the planting of bee friendly wild flowers on the roundabouts and grass verges in and around Arundel, a chance for residents to plant troughs with pollinator friendly plants in the town, and the encouragement of local businesses and residents to display bee friendly plants outside their premises and homes.
  • The creation of a Pollinators Garden near the centre of the town. Plans have been made to create an area opposite Arundel Museum, designed to attract a wide range of pollinators. With seating and signage describing the pollinators that will be found on the garden plants.
  • The Arundel Honey Co-Operative. Once the Community Apiary has become established, the honey produced will be sold locally to help to provide funding for future initiatives as part of The Arundel Bee Project.

These are just a few of the ideas that have been mooted in the first few months of meetings and discussions. Hopefully there are residents who would like to drive their own related projects or just be involved generally. DEFRA have shown a lot of interest, as they feel that if together we can make a success of this, the concept of Bee Friendly Towns could be launched throughout the country in future years – but Arundel would be the first one!!

Posted on: 14 July 2020